CorteX 2005-2014 Mustang Double A-Arm SLA Front Suspension System with Radial X Spindles


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How to Buy

Due to the technical nature of this product, it is highly recommended that you call us to order.

Step 1. Choose your spindle setup, either with Radial X (available on this page) or with OEM spindles ( which is sold here)

Step 2. Choose your front shocks. You can browse available front shocks here.

Step 3. Choose your brakes - you can either supply your own brakes and just use our brackets, or purchase both brakes and brackets from us.You can browse available front brake systems here

Game Changer

CorteX short-long arm (SLA) suspension systems (also known as a double-wishbone suspension) are a no-compromise solution to anyone that wants the ultimate handling solution for their vehicle. There really is no substitute for a properly designed SLA suspension. Compared to a front struts suspension an SLA has superior camber gain, roll center stability, and in most cases additional tire clearance. Nearly every supercar uses this suspension type.
Here are some key benefits to a properly designed SLA suspension:


  • Lower lap time by 2-4 seconds depending on the length and features of the track on a back-to-back test with the same tires!
  • More tire rubber on the ground in any given situation.
  • Reduced entry and mid-corner understeer without loss of rear-end grip!
  • Reduced static camber requirement
  • Roll center much more stable both vertically and laterally making handling more consistent and predictable
  • Much less sensitive to changes in ride height. For example, lowering the chassis one inch only causes the roll center to drop one inch.
  • High-quality dampers are significantly less expensive – e.g. double eyelet coilover shocks are nearly half the cost of equivalent struts which nearly pay for the conversion to SLA.
  • Advantages Over Competitor Products

  • Inherently stronger design since components are in tension and compression instead of bending

  • Quicker and easier to install

  • Less expensive and better value

  • Utilized more advanced and heavy-duty OEM steering rack including the electronic power assist steering (EPAS)

  • Stiffer, more reliable, and more adjustable spindle/hub assembly with integrated wheels speed sensors

  • Damper and spring loads are fed into shock towers at the OEM load-bearing point eliminating the excessive deflection found in competitors systems

  • Stronger and stiffer k-member, shock mounts, and control arms

  • More advanced damper selection

  • Wide range of brake system options available

  • Easily adjustable roll center

  • Designed for use with OEM steering rack, hydraulic or EPAS not a Mustang II or FOX or SN95!


  • Radial-X Spindles
  • K-Member
  • Race-Duty Lower Arms (set)
  • Upper Control Arms (set)
  • UCA Mounts (set)
  • Upper shock mounts (set)
  • Anti-Roll Bar Kit
  • Bump Steer Kit
  • Motor Mounts (set)
  • EPAS rack retrofit available for 2005-2010 if desired (see options)

Due to the custom nature of these kits, we encourage you to call to order. We will work with you to determine the proper shocks, brake system, and steering rack system for your setup.