CorteX 1964-1970 Mustang & Cougar Xtreme-Grip Complete Rear Suspension System for 8.8 (FOX, SN95, or Moser M88) Rearend Housing


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How to Buy

Due to the technical nature of this product, it is highly recommended that you call us to order.

Step 1: Determine your axle setup. This system does not include an axle housing and is for on a FOX/SN95 8.8 axle housing or Moser M88 rear axle housing.

Step 2 : Choose your rear shocks. You can browse available rear shocks here.

Xtreme-Grip™ Vintage Rear Suspension System

Vehicles: Ford Mustang (64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70) and Mercury Cougar (67, 68, 69, 70)

CorteX delivers a complete redesign of the original suspension system and utilizes modern geometry that is suited for today’s performance tires.


  • Xtreme-Grip Vintage Watts link System
  • Xtreme-Grip Vintage Torque arm
  • Sub Frame Connectors
  • Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Bracketry for Watts link and Torque arm to bolt onto 8.8 Rearend Housing
  • Will not work on Explorer or Crown Victoria 8.8 rearend housing due to casting differences)
  • All necessary hardware

Note: See other Xtreme-Grip Vintage kit configurations for options of full floater rear end housing and/or axles.

Coilover sold separately.

Optimized Geometry, Lighter Weight

Particular consideration was given to packaging, weight, and suspension geometry for the vintage Mustang platform.  The leaf springs suspension was discarded in favor of a watts link, torque arm, and Coilover package which does everything better than the original suspension.  When driving the car you can feel the reduction of unsprung weight and friction.

Cornering Grip

Rear grip is improved exponentially and power is put down effortlessly both in a straight line and coming off of corners.  The torque arm serves double duty and also virtually eliminates nose-dive under braking.  Instead, the entire chassis squats as the deceleration loads push the entire car into the pavement at its center of gravity. If you’ve never driven a car with a well-designed watts link/torque arm combination be prepared for a revelation.  You won’t be going back to anything else!

Increased Chassis Strength and Stiffness

Vintage Mustangs have lightweight flimsy unibody chassis that can compromise handling.

We engineered our suspension to increase chassis strength and stiffness for superior response.  The geometry optimizes the roll center height, and lateral roll center migration, and minimizes bumpsteer all the while allowing the build to adjust ride height as much as 2.5 inches to achieve the optimal stance both at the track and on the street.

The CorteX Xtreme-Grip Vintage Suspension System is designed to install with minimal permanent modifications to your pony.   Other suspension systems require the car to be completely cut up for the installation and actually make the vehicle even flimsier than it was from the factory while adding additional weight in the process.

Ease of Installation

To install our vintage rear system the only permanent modifications required are the installation of our weld-in subframe connectors and a simple modification to the rear trunk sheet metal just ahead of the gas tank to gain adequate for the watts link and coil-overs.  All modifications can be reversed at a later time if desired.

Pro-Tip: CorteX recommends that this Vintage Rear Suspension System be installed concurrently with the Xtreme-Grip Vintage Front Suspension System.

*requires a customer supplied Ford FOX or SN95 8.8 housing or Moser M88 housing.

Due to the custom nature of these kits, we encourage you to call to order. We will work with you to determine the proper shocks, brake system, and axle system for your setup.