Roush 2011-14 Mustang GT Phase 3 675HP Supercharger System

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    Getting down to the roots! Superchargers come in different flavors, but you can never get away from your roots. Roush 2011-14 5.0L Mustang Phase 3 supercharger kits give you just the boost you yearn for in that Mustang. Every tuner thinks that what they just put in is the best, but the true test is if it works for your driving style. Do you want it off the line or down the track? Now, roots-style superchargers like these are more of an instant power, giving you power in the low end that tapers off when red-lining. This gives you more off of the line but less at the limit. Centrifugals tend to give boost focused on high rpm between 3,000- rev limit. So, you may not feel the pull till you hit 6-7,000+. This does give you a lot of power in the top-end and a broader power band. If you want to feel the power around town and off of the line, then these Roush 2011-14 5.0L Mustang Phase 3 supercharger kits are for you.

    Features include:

    * Roush R2300 2.3L TVS supercharger
    * Roush supercharger pulley
    * Roush fuel pump voltage regulator with plug-n-play wiring harness
    * Upper and lower aluminum intake manifolds
    * Twin 60mm throttle body and matching throttle body spacer
    * Cold air induction system
    * High-flow fuel rail with 47 lb. injectors
    * Roush flash voucher card
    * High-efficiency intercooler system
    * Large full-face low-temperature radiator
    * All required fasteners, wiring, brackets, hoses, and clamps