CorteX Gen-3 Radial-X Spindle Assembly - Pair

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    The Radial-X™ Difference

    The drop spindle and hub suspension assembly transfers load and controls the geometry.  These lightweight billet spindles offer unsurpassed strength, rigidity, and versatility all in a tidy package.

    Unlike others, the Modular Radial-X™ Spindle assembly features 4 components that can be serviced easily (if necessary). Originally designed for aftermarket Ford Mustang SLA system these spindles have proven to be adaptable to a variety of applications.

    Optimized Modular CorteX Design

    Features an optimized, highly reconfigurable, simple, modular design for ultimate strength and performance, with ease of inexpensive serviceability.

    Ideal for SLA

    Light Weight, Strong, Billet Aluminum, approximately 2″ drop spindle set for short-long control arm (SLA) systems, with a bulletproof steel wheel bearing.

    The CorteX drop spindle and hub assembly provide the interface between the suspension and the wheels and tires.

    Unsurpassed Strength and Versatility

    A properly designed suspension can only do its job if the spindle is up to the task of transferring all of the load and controlling the geometry.  These lightweight billet spindles offer unsurpassed strength, rigidity, and versatility all in a tidy package. 

    1. Main upright body
    2. Lower ball joint mount and steering arm
    3. Upper ball joint mount
    4. Unitized hub and wheel bearing assembly (non-serviceable) with integral wheel speed sensor

    Radial-X Features

    • Tapered Tie rod hole for use without optional bump-steer kit
    • Lower ball joint has 7 degree tapered ball joint for use with SN95 Mustang ball joints, but can easily be reamed to the larger K727 ball joint.
    • Upper ball joint taper is for K772 ball joints.
    • Camber adjustment can be done at upper ball joint mount using shims.
    • Optional bolt patters available as special-order, 5×4.75 and 5×5 (5×4.5 standard)


    • 10 Degree Angled Ball Joint Plate Set (UCA-1001) is required when upgrading from OEM SN95 to Radial X drop spindles (for SN95 or Fox SLA required)
    • Custom Geometry and custom Ball Joint Taper and/or Locations (upper and lower) are available upon quotation; contact us (6-8 week lead time)

    Compatible Brake Systems:

    • Stoptech ST40 or STR40, 355 x 32 Rotors for 2005-2014 Mustang
    • Stoptech ST60 or STR60, 355 x 32 Rotors for 2005-2014 Mustang
    • Brembo XA2.E7 4-piston (E7), 2005-2014 Mustang application 355 x 32 mm rotors
    • Brembo XB105 Calipers with both 355x32mm, 380x32mm rotors, 380x34mm, and also 380x35mm
    • Brembo XA6 and XA4 Calipers with 380x32mm rotors or 380x35mm
    • Wilwood Aero6 with 14×1.25 rotors
    • Baer 6R/S Calipers 14×1.25 rotors
    • Baer 6P Calipers and 14×1.25 rotors
    • Wilwood, JFZ, Sierra, and Brakeman T4 lug mount Calipers (3.5 lug mount) with 13 x 1.25″ Rotor

    If you do not already own these brakes we can offer you attractive pricing since we are factory direct with Stoptech, Brembo, Wilwood, and Baer. Just ask and we will get you a package quote.


    1. All rotors and hat packaged must be for 05-14 Mustang S197 application

    Note: Sold separately, does not include brake brackets

    *For use on all CorteX SLA Systems and also others such as GR350 and GR40 systems as well as and many other custom vehicle applications. Ball Joint Tapers: Moog 772 upper, Ford Fox/SN95 Lower. It can be reamed to fit Moog 727 or any 7 deg taper.

    Vehicles: Ford Mustang (1964-1970; 1979-2004) SN95, S197, FOX; Ford Fairlane (1962-1970); Mercury Comet (1962-1969); Ford Falcon (1960-1965); Mercury Cougar (1967-1970)