CorteX Differential Breather Vent Catch Tank Kit - Mustang 8.8 Rearend


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Brand: Cortex Racing
Model Year: 1979-2014
Model: Mustang

Avoid The Mess

The CorteX Differential Breather Vent Catch Tank Kit 8.8 Rearend is an absolute must for any mustang that will be taken on track.

It prevents your axle and differential from dumping gear oil all over the rear of your car and the track. All CorteX Racing track-day and racecars receive a differential breather to keep the rear of the car clean from oil and to avoid potentially dangerous situations resulting from oil on the brakes and tires. Oil on tires and brakes can and probably will cause loss of control for either your own car or the cars behind you.  Don’t be “that guy!”

CorteX Optimized Design

What differentiates our differential breather vent catch tank kit from any others is that is mounts to the watts link or TA Performance differential cover instead in the interior of the car or somewhere in the way of moving suspension components.  This is an extremely tidy package that does an excellent job of keeping oil off the car and the track.

Maintenance is very easy with a petcock on the bottom of the tank that allows for tool-free draining. We’ve made it easy for you by including everything you need in one kit.


  • Overflow tank
  • Breather filter
  • AN fittings for both the tank and rear end housing
  • -4AN Hose (Gen 2 diff cover)

This is the same kit we use in our American Iron, SCCA T1, and Spec Mustang SMG cars!