Gorilla Automotive 45088BC-20 Black 1/2-20 Thread Size Forged Steel Chrome Finish Open End Lug Nut, (Pack of 20)


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At CorteX we go through a LOT of lug nuts in the shop and have used these 1/2-20 RH 60-degree tapered seat lug nuts for years without fail. Perfect for everything  from resto-mods to road race cars. Here are the details:

Black Chrome Cone Seat Forged Steel Racing Open End Lug Nut (45088BC) by Gorilla Automotive®. Thread Size: 1/2" x 20. Hex Size: 3/4". Overall Length: 50.80 mm. Seat Angle: 60 degrees

Lug nuts are a high-use wear item, especially on track cars where frequent removal of wheels is required. We recommend changing complete sets out each year or when they begin to look worn. The above package includes 20 lug nuts, enough to out fit both front and back of your car. 

CorteX recommends 85-100 ft-lb of torque to properly seat these lug nuts.