G-Stream COMP 800 Wing


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At the highest levels of racing, aero downforce devices have been developed to an incredible degree and current designs are a closely-guarded secret. At the other end of the technology spectrum, the consumer market has been frustrated by cheap imitations “dress up” rear wings and “spoilers” that do little in terms of usable downforce and are unsafe at speeds in excess of 120 mph.

Many spec wings are based on old technology and some are poorly constructed. A number of serious racers have encountered the void of finding a very high performance, lightweight, tuneable and speed-rated wing that has been extensively tested and can be purchased at a reasonable price.


G-Stream is the creation of dedicated, experienced racers, possessing the drive and commitment to fill that void of aerodynamic downforce components.

  • World Challenge Winning Aerodynamic Design
  • CFD Developed
  • Wind Tunnel Tested
  • 12″ Chord with 68″ Width
  • SCCA/NASA/Trans Am legal