CorteX 2005-2014 Mustang Xtreme Grip K-Member & Lower Control Arm Package


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Xtreme-Grip Front Suspension for struts, 2005-2014 S197 Mustang K-Member and Front Lower Control Arms

Optimized Strut System

CorteX K-member and lower control arms are a no-compromise system for anyone that wants the best handling strut solution for their vehicle. While our SLA system is superior, this k-member and control arms are extremely effective for those required to run struts. It can also be used to eventually upgrade to our SLA since this k-member is identical.

Here are some key benefits this product delivers:


  • Reduced weight with added rigidity compared to the OEM components.
  • Roll center correction with the ability to raise the chassis pick-up points of the lower control arm up to 3/4" along with also using a drop balls joint in the control arms.
  • Independently adjustable anti-drive at rearward lower control arm pick-up point.
  • Compatible with both hydraulic or EPAS steering racks
  • Adjustable lower control arm can be used to increase camber and adjust caster
  • All pick-up points use spherical bearing (rod ends) to minimize deflection and friction.
  • Solid motor mounts are available at no additional cost


  • Compatible with all standard struts or coilover struts
  • Uses OEM style anti-roll bar (sway bar)
  • Requires 2011-2014 spindles with the larger 19mm ball joints.


  • K-Member
  • Race-Duty Lower Arms (set)
  • Motor Mounts (set)

Must be shipped truck freight.