CorteX Cambered Full Floating CV Ball Drive Axle, with Housing


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How to Buy

Due to the technical nature of this product, it is highly recommended that you call us to order.

Step 1. Choose your cambered rear, either with axle housing (available on this page) or without the housing (you ship us your axle - which is sold here)

Step 2. Choose your rear shocks. You can browse available rear shocks here.

Step 3. Choose your brakes. You can browse available rear brake systems here. 

Step 4. Determine the amount of camber you would like and specify in the notes on your order. Available cambers are 0*, 0.5*, 1.0*, 1.5* (we highly recommend running this setup.) 2.0*, and 2.5*.

CorteX Design Difference

Traditional floating solid rear axles utilize drive axles with splines on both the differential end and the hub end. The hub end can be “crowned” to allow limited amounts of camber to be built into the design.  The crowned splined design works, however constant maintenance is required since the outboard splines create a lot of heat and friction and also reduce the torque capacity of the axle since there is less contact surface as camber is increased.

The constant velocity (CV) ball drive design used in the CorteX rearend eliminates these design compromises by eliminating the outboard hub splines and replacing them with CV ball drive axles and drive plates. The CV design distributes loads in the axle and drive plate over a very large area eliminating the need to for heavy high-pressure grease. The same gear oil that is used to lubricate the differential is allowed to pass into the hub wheel bearings and CV drive plates lubricating all necessary components.  This is referred to as a wet hub system.

Camber is adjustable by replacing spindles that bolt to the ends of the rear end housing.

Proven Faster

The CorteX Cambered Full Floating CV Ball Drive Axle is a proven way to shave seconds off the lap time of any solid axle vehicle including the S197 Mustang. This is accomplished by adding significantly more rear grip for earlier throttle application and by substantially increasing braking performance and pedal feel while concurrently increased tire life. These advantages are what its going to take to be competitive against the new S550 IRS Mustang and the now 300lb lighter 2016 Camaro.

(as featured on Project Xecution 66 Mustang)

Built to Win

Together with Race Products, a leading supplier to V8 Supercars in Australia and New Zealand, CorteX has developed and validated the design with top Mustang race teams in the Pirelli World Challenge 2015 season. KoHr Motorsports, Roush and Phoenix Performance rely on this CorteX product to keep their Mustangs competitive against a field of world-class IRS equipped racecars.

Pro Tip: When paired with the CorteX rear suspension components, it creates an proven race-winning combination.

Key Features:

  • Constant Velocity Ball Drive Full-floating hubs available in cambers ranging from -1.0º to -2.5º
  • Robust high-strength steel hubs with double-row tapered Timken bearings
  • Solid bearing spacers to ensure repeatable bearing preload
  • High tensile-strength wheel studs
  • Standard Ford wheel register for use with existing wheels (no need to change your wheels)
  • Wet hub design for minimal maintenance
  • O-ringed drive plate and end cap
  • Brembo Racing, Performance Friction, and Stoptech brake options to match your existing front brakes
  • ABS Ready for plug and play with existing and aftermarket ABS systems
  • Includes special tools for installing the axles and tightening the lock nut
  • All hardware included, nuts, bolts, etc

Note: Customer must either provide a suitable rear end housing, or purchase a new one (see options)


For street cars requiring a parking brake we have brackets and rotors available to use 2005-2014 S197 Mustang rear calipers.

Vehicles: All Ford Mustang 9 inch Rear-end

  • 2005 – 2014 S197 Mustang
  • 1979-1993 FOX Mustang* (with Moser M88 housing)
  • 1994-2004 SN95 Mustang* (with Moser M88 housing)