Coolshirt Rally System

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Cool Shirt Rally systems are compact units for use in applications with limited space or shorter racing durations. Compatible with all CoolSuits and cooling suits, these systems will keep you cool and alert to look and feel your best when they hand you the trophy! Cool Shirt Rally systems are offered in two unit sizes with an internal pump, which supplies cooled water to the shirt through 12 ft. of double insulated hose and a 8 ft. Y-hose with automatic shutoff/quick-disconnects. Perfect your road racing, circle track, or drag racing demeanor with Cool Shirt Rally systems to stay comfortable and focused from the beginning to the end of your race. 

As an added tip, we suggest using larger blocks of ice inside the cooler to keep your water colder longer! 

Personal Cooling System Type: Water 

Personal Cooling System Capacity:12 qt. 

Hoses Included: Yes 

Hose Type: Water 

Hose Size: 5/16 in. 

Hose Length (in.): 96.000 in.

Hose Length (ft.): 8.000

Hose Material: Rubber

Hose Finish: Black

Temperature Control Switch Included: No