Apex 2005-2022 Mustang 18x11" ET52 EC-7RS Forged Wheel

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The EC-7 wheel includes details specifically implemented to enhance the Mustang owners' track day and street performance experience. An optimized car setup begins with the right wheel and tire fitment, and without model-specific attention, maximum performance is compromised. These wheels were developed exclusively for S197 and S550 chassis, and will work in either square or staggered applications. Most fitments are direct bolt-on solutions, however aggressive square fitments utilizing the 18x11” EC-7 wheels will require spacers on the front axle for proper inner strut clearance. This not a compromised fitment, it is the only way to outfit an S197 or S550 chassis with the highly desirable true-rotatable 11” square fitment.

Simply put, APEX wheels were designed for long-term durability without sacrificing performance and fit, while also adhering to APEX’s mission of maximizing value. Corner carving & track enthusiasts: this is your wheel. 

As part of the Apex forged Sprint™ line, the EC-7RS was built to be extremely light while still offering a meaningful strength increase over their flow formed wheels. Engineered for drivers looking to shed as much weight as possible to improve lap times.

Wheel Weight: ~20lbs