’99 Mustang – Madsen’s Project Modzilla

“Over-Prepared Mustang”?

You be the Judge

“The original plan was to keep the car stock…
In 2013 he discovered the SCCA’s autocross program”– Grassroots Motorsports

Project “Modzilla” 1999 Roush Stage II Mustang

Driver: Brett Madsen, San Diego Ca.

Usage: Time Attack / Autocross

  • MSF Certified Level One HPDE Driving Coach
  • 2017 American Muscle Cup Racing Series Champion – Stock Class
  • 2016 SCCA Solo National Champion – CAM-C
  • 2016 SCCA CAM Challenge West Overall and CAM-C Champion
  • 2016 SCCA Solo Cal Club Region Champion – CAM-C
  • 2016 Optima USCA Fontana Autocross Champion
  • 2016 SCCA El Toro Pro Solo Champion – CAM-C
  • 2016 SCCA San Diego Match Tour Champion – CAM-C
  • 2015 SCCA Solo SD Region Runner Up – STS
  • 2014 SCCA Solo SD Region Champion – SU
  • Class wins in the following classes:
    • Classic American Muscle – Contemporary (CAM-C)
    • C-Prepared (CP)
    • D-Street (DS)
    • Street Touring Pony (STP)
    • E-Street Prepared (ESP)
    • Street Modified (SM)
    • Street Touring Sport (STS)

CorteX Racing Suspension Mods

CorteX Watts Link and Coilovers on ’99 Mustang Modzilla

I’ve tried a significant number of aftermarket suspension parts for the SN95 chassis and the only company I keep coming back to is CorteX Racing.

The ever continuous eye-popping grip that their parts provide is something that is absolutely unparalleled!

– Brett Madsen

CorteX Watts Link in Action


Vintage Mach 1
Mustang Mod