Purpose: Build a no-holds barred, maximum effort road race muscle car imbued with the PHR ethos of handling, horsepower, and high build quality- all while staying stylish and at least passably street legal.

After going for a ride in one of our test cars, Popular Hot Rodding Magazine approached us with a project concept they’d been brewing for some time. This is a tall order to say the least, but it’s also exactly the kind of cars that CorteX builds.

Project Max Effort will be a foray into the extreme edge of what can be done with a street legal muscle car from end to end, top to bottom. Max will be using many of the tricks we’ve learned through racing and development on our in-house test bed ’66 Mustang “Project Xecution“, including a hybrid suspension filled with CorteX Racing’s own products and innovations- all of which will be able for our customers to purchase as complete or modular packages.

We’re also working with PHR and several well-known aftermarket performance companies (to be revealed as the build progresses) to turn many of the systems and components engineered for Max into order-ready parts for our customers. We can’t reveal too much yet, but watch for the launch of CorteX Racing’s new crate engine program and custom rear end assembly during the Max Effort build.

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For all the details on the build itself, watch for regular installments in PHR.